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Love Needs No Words

Love needs no words
We both stand
Facing one another.
We have so much life to live,
To share and to give.

We need no words,
Our love lives in every smile,
Reaches the depth of the heart,
With lips as heady as wine.

My dearest love,
This simple truth
Does our love define,
Entwine our heads
In a bond divine.

Turn Not Away from Me

Turn not away from me,
Turn me not away...
Be not cruel,
Our love is real.


I will resist temptation
At large in creation
For my heart yearns
With passion and elation


For you, my precious treasure,
My priceless jewel, rare and pure,
My sole possession,
You look at me
With eyes of stove.


My tears flow fast,
As I remember the past.
And the glorious times,
That did not last.


O Lord, Stay with Me!

Thy largesse
O My Lord!
Thy compassion,
Thy mercy,
Stay with me.


Accept meWhen
Ashamed of my deeds,
I seek Thy


Lord! Thy Maya
Thy Kripa,
Stay with me and
Feed my spirit.

You Complete My Life

When I’m with you,
I’m in control.
No raging storms
Disturb my calm,
And cause me harm.


There’s no need
For your healing balm.
I shed no tear,
Do not fear,
Feel no alarm,
For your pearly smiles
Lights my path
To a better world.


Sea and shore weather all storms,
Their symbiosis,
Forms nature’s core
Will exist ever more,
As from long before.
A moth to a flame
Goes to its doom,
With neither fear nor gloom,
But deathless love.


My Love for You

What you do
And what you don’t,
Does not alter


My love for you.
It never has, it never will.


And like the river
Meets the mouth
Of a Turquoise sea,


If only Thou let me
Lord! Forgive me
I cannot see


The Creation As Thee see it, With Thy vision.

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